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Plein air & still-life Artist

Australian En Plein air and still life artist Pim Sarti works in oil, acrylic and ink, creating images of Australian landscapes, people, & the local flora & fauna of Central Coast NSW.
Pim illustrates for Eucalypt, an Australian tanka poetry Journal edited by Beverley George.

Eucalypt oil on canvas 37x50 $400
PIM SARTI: Welcome


Paintings for sale - contact me below

Rememberance (oil on canvas ) $500
Grapes oil on canvas 25x25cm $300
Mushrooms (oil on canvas 25x25cm) $300
Flag iris (oil on canvas 50x40cm) $400
Figs (oil on canvas 25x25cm ) $300
Lake path oil on canvas 54x54cm $500
Bottlebrush (oil on canvas 60x32cm) $400
Flannel Flowers (oil on canvas 67x67cm ) $700
Grapes (oil on canvas ) 43cx41 $400
Spring Onions (oil on canvas 25x25cm) $300
Waratah Patonga oil on canvas 70x70cm $750
Over Cape Leveque (oil on canvas 70"x70") $750
Way to Flathead oil on canvas 61x91 $800
Magpies (oil on canvas 70x70cm) $500
Flag Iris oil on canvas 51x61cm $400
Whippets resting oil on canvas 54x54 $500
Flannel flowers oil on canvas 107x46 $800
Koi oil on canvas 80x50cm $600.jpg
Pencils oil on canvas 20x20 $200.jpg
Water bottle oil on canvas 20x20 $
Its Purple oil on canvas 20x20 cm $200
Lime oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Hot stuff oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Breakfast oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Artichoke oil on canvas 30x40cm $300.jpg
Cabage tree palms 70x70cm $750
Waratah Pearl Beach 56x127 $800
Mugshots oil on canvas 25x25 $300
Mugshots red oil on canvas 25x25cn $300
Mug shots mauve oil on canvas 25x25 $300
Mugshots blue oil on canvas 25x25cm $300
Mugshots orange oil on canvas 25x25cm $300
Manderin oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Capscium oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Doughnuts oil on canvas 20x20cm $200.jpg
Wagstaff Shop oil on canvas 65x50cm $500
monstera oil on canvas 70x70cm $750.jpg
Banksia oil on canvas 70x70cm  $750.jpg
Asparagus oil on canvas 25x25cm $300.jpg
Mellon oil on canvas 25x25cm $300.jpg
Watermelon oil on canvas 25x25cm $
Tea pot green oil on canvas 25x25cm $300
Banksia oil on canvas 54x74cm $750
The Rocks oil on canvas 54x74 $750
Sweet oil on canvas 25x25 $300.jpg
White wine oil on canvas 25x25cm $
Brown sugar oil on canvas 25x25cm $300.j
Woy Woy oil on canvas 54x54cm $500.jpg
Saratoga oil on canvas 54x54cm $500.jpg
Eucalypt oil on canvas 37x50 $400
Poppies oil on canvas 54x54cm $500.
Protea oil on canvas 51x41cm $400.
Iris oil on canvas 50x37 $300
new bottle brush oil canvas on board 50x
Warren oil on canvas 40x50cm.JPG
.blue mood 24x24cm $200
.blue vase 31x36cm $300
.red reflections oiloncanvas 24x30cn
.Of the sea oiloncanvas 40x40cm
.Red Wine oiloncanvas 24x24cm
.Tea time oiloncanvas 24x24cm
Gum blossem oilon canvas 60x38cm
.Oranges oiloncanvas 24x24cm
.Begonia oiloncanvas 24x53
.i love you oiloncanvas 12x12vm
Banksia oil on canvas 40x50cm
Banksia 2 oil on canvas 71x36cm
three sisters 70x70cm oiloncanvas $750
Pulpit Rock Blue Mountains 40x30cm oilon
Look out Blue Mountains 66x55 oiloncanva
Percys look down Blue Mountains 45x55 oi
Bridal falls Blue Mountains oiloncanvas
Gumblossoms oilon canvas 50x77cm
Abstract 81x102 oiloncanvas
Patonga Waratah 40x50 oiloncanvas
Banksia 70x70 oiloncanvas
Saratoga boats oiloncanvas
Mist in the mountains oiloncanvas 51x51cm.jpg
Cauliflower oiloncanvas 25x25cm.jpg
Fresh Kalamansi oiloncanvas 20x25cm
Oiloncanvas 25x25cm.jpg
Figs oiloncanvas 25x25cm.jpg
oiloncanvas Segments 25x25.jpg
Kalamansi oiloncanvas 25x25cm.jpg
oiloncanvas eggs 25x25cm.jpg
oiloncanvas apple 25x25cm.jpg
oiloncanvas The Gift 70x70cm.jpg
oiloncanvas 8"x8" watermelon.jpg
oiloncanvas Chilli 25x25cm.jpg
The blue vase oiloncanvas 21x41cm
Green drape oiloncanvas 35x28cm.jpg
Orange juice oiloncanvas 25x24cm.jpg
Cherry oiloncanvas 26x30cm.jpg
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